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No, not a reference to Heathrow and my attempts to get away on holiday but to our new branded taxi which is now doing the rounds in Manchester (see arty picture below).

Actually, we seem to have been lucky to get away at all over Christmas. One of our neighbours spent all night at Terminal 3 and was then told her plane was cancelled. They were going to New York but didn't manage to rebook for a week. Another neighbour going to Goa was actually in her plane on the runway when the snow came. She was still there 10 hours later! When she finally got off, they told her to wait in the airport which she did all night - then they cancelled the flight. She has only just got her bags back. What a way to run an, er... railway airport. So I shall stop moaning about 12 hours in the airport with 3 children....

Back to the taxi. We thought it would be good to have one where most of the PI firms seem to gather. Not sure why personal injury firms have clustered in and around our second city. It might be the proximity to industry or perhaps the Accident Group influence. Maybe it is just a nice place to live (our marketing manager Kirsten says it is - that is where she is based).

Anyway, we thought we might have a competition to see who can spot the taxi - thought we could call it 'Spot the Box' (although happy for you to give some alternatives). Maybe there will be a cash prize each week...

Watch this space.

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