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Treatment of expert evidence which is 'uncontroverted': Griffiths v TUI UK Ltd [2020]

21st October, 2020

The recent judgement of Spencer J in Griffiths v TUI UK Limited [2020] has provided important guidance on whether it is the court's role to examine the contents of an expert's report where it is undisputed.


PPI 'Plevin' claims - There's still time

22nd September, 2020

PPI claims have been big news recently, as everyone was made aware that the deadline for making new mis-sold Payment Product Protection insurance (PPI) claims expired in August 2019. But was this strictly true?


Video appointments for Whiplash claims remain for now

29th June, 2020

As governments ease lockdown restrictions and we begin to emerge back into ordinary life, there has been news this week as to what this means for whiplash claims.


Personal Injury solicitors and Insurers agree new protocol due to Coronavirus pandemic

3rd April, 2020

Claimant law firm Thompsons Solicitors and the Association of British Insurers met last week to agree a new protocol for personal injury solicitors and Insurers amid the current coronavirus crisis.


Personal Injury reforms lead to an unprecedented collaboration between Insurers and claimant lawyers

26th March, 2020

An unlikely alliance of insurers, claimant lawyers and trade unionists is developing in an unanticipated response to the government plans to bring changes to workplace injury claims.


Japanese Knotweed - untangled

3rd December, 2019

It is becoming widely publicised that Japanese Knotweed has the potential for catastrophic destruction, but is it really as bad as it seems?


Court fee disallowed as no application for remission was made

15th November, 2019

Although in a lower Court, there has been a worrying decision in relation to the recovery of Court fees paid in full, when there was the opportunity for the Claimant to apply for a fee remission.


QOCS Protection and 'Mixed Claims'

5th November, 2019

The Court of Appeal has now clarified the position on Qualified one-way costs shifting and the protection it offers Claimants in so called 'mixed claims'.


Litigation Funding: The cap does not fit all

7th October, 2019

Davey v Money & Anor [2019] The High Court has held in the case of Davey v Money & Anor that the Arkin Cap should not be applied automatically, meaning that the adverse costs liability of a commercial litigation funder will


"Adding Insult to Injury”

12th September, 2019

It has been reported by the MOJ that the average time between a small claim being issued and going to trial has reached the highest level this century over the past year. This news must come as yet another blow to


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