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Does Loyalty Pay in Motor Insurance?

9th May, 2019

I write this having recently had to renew my car insurance. I am one of those who will shop around to see if there is better deal elsewhere but I was also intrigued by new research coming from the Association


Agency Fees and PI claims

23rd April, 2019

It has long been the case that solicitors involved in PI claims, have instructed agencies to obtain medical notes and records as part of their service when providing medical reports. It saved the solicitor the time of requesting and obtaining the


Uplifting news post LASPO

5th April, 2019

Background The Court of Appeal’s decision in Herbert v HH Law [ ] has now arrived and many law firms across the country will be taking stock to review the decision and their respective practice


Bringing Personal injury Claims into Disrepute

19th March, 2019

A recent news article from across the Irish Sea has found its way to us of a failed whiplash type injury claim, in which the Claimant had alleged that he had suffered life changing injury as a result of a


This is a journey into money...

8th March, 2019

Harry Enfield’s character ‘Loads of Money’ may have fitted in well at the payday lender Wonga before they collapsed into Administration. But now, according to a committee of MPs those who had previously borrowed from them and had subsequently appli


It Wasn’t Me Driving – Honest Guv!

27th February, 2019

The case of Cameron v Liverpool Insurance Co Ltd recently went to the Supreme Court to consider whether the victim of a hit-and-run collision is entitled to bring a claim for damages against an unnamed Defendant, when the third party


"Yes, I know I lost, but I still don't want to pay you…”

7th December, 2018

We are delighted to have a Guest Blog from Aidan Jones of BIKELINE (a trading name of Alyson France & Co. Solicitors), on their recent successful case of Waring –v- McDonnell (2018), in which  the court considered counterclaims and QOCS


A Rocky Road to Recovery

14th November, 2018

As we know, following most accidents where an injury is sustained, the injured party will be able (at least for the time being) to obtain some treatment through the NHS soon after an injury has been sustained. Unfortunately, there can be


Take a big Sipp...

31st October, 2018

There have been many claims to hit the headlines in recent years for "financial mis-selling” but in the last week two articles caught our eye on perhaps the lesser known (or lesser spotted) variety of mis-selling in the financial industry. There


A Fatal Approach

24th October, 2018

As a well established After The Event insurance (ATE) broker, the core of our business over the years has been in the area of personal injury. In recent times and with the multitude of changes to this area, we have


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