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Litigation Funding: The cap does not fit all

7th October, 2019

Davey v Money & Anor [2019] The High Court has held in the case of Davey v Money & Anor that the Arkin Cap should not be applied automatically, meaning that the adverse costs liability of a commercial litigation funder will


"Adding Insult to Injury”

12th September, 2019

It has been reported by the MOJ that the average time between a small claim being issued and going to trial has reached the highest level this century over the past year. This news must come as yet another blow to


Costs Victory – round three to the Claimant…

13th August, 2019

The landmark Court of Appeal judgment in West v Stockport NHS Foundation Trust and Demouilpied v Stockport NHS Foundation Trust has been hailed as a victory for access to justice for the victims of clinical negligence. These two cases were heard


Happiness is…"A positive Cash Flow”

4th July, 2019

With regulatory changes continuing to eat into claimant law firm’s profit and cash flow the recent Court of Appeal Judgment in I v Hull & East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust provides some clarity for both claimant and defendant firms when


When a little damage can go a long way!

17th May, 2019

As an After the Event (ATE) Insurer one might expect us to see a higher number of claims in which fundamental dishonesty has been alleged, or intimated in every other way by a Defendant without them actually stating "fundamental dishonesty”. We


Does Loyalty Pay in Motor Insurance?

9th May, 2019

I write this having recently had to renew my car insurance. I am one of those who will shop around to see if there is better deal elsewhere but I was also intrigued by new research coming from the Association


Agency Fees and PI claims

23rd April, 2019

It has long been the case that solicitors involved in PI claims, have instructed agencies to obtain medical notes and records as part of their service when providing medical reports. It saved the solicitor the time of requesting and obtaining the


Uplifting news post LASPO

5th April, 2019

Background The Court of Appeal’s decision in Herbert v HH Law [ ] has now arrived and many law firms across the country will be taking stock to review the decision and their respective practice


Bringing Personal injury Claims into Disrepute

19th March, 2019

A recent news article from across the Irish Sea has found its way to us of a failed whiplash type injury claim, in which the Claimant had alleged that he had suffered life changing injury as a result of a


This is a journey into money...

8th March, 2019

Harry Enfield’s character ‘Loads of Money’ may have fitted in well at the payday lender Wonga before they collapsed into Administration. But now, according to a committee of MPs those who had previously borrowed from them and had subsequently appli


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